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This is where artists can submit music for review to be added to my Spotify playlists

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My Story & How I Help Artists

For nearly 10 years I've been amassing, curating, and sharing music on Spotify Playlists. Selfishly, I started these playlists because they help me focus, workout, relax, etc but over time some became popular as listeners from all around the world began to tune in. Because of their rise in popularity (specifically my Superior Study Playlist), I started working with and helping out independent artists and labels get exposure through the playlists. This page is a continuation of that work, now making it possible for artists to get exposure in a transparent, effective, and low cost way.

Playlists Accepting Submissions

These are my most popular and most listened to playlists where I am open to music submissions from artists and labels.

Superior Study Playlist

170,000+ followers

Vibe: Focus music with minimal lyrics. This mix includes lots of different instrumental types including classical, sountracks, instrumental versions of popular songs, Lofi, Post-rock, and many others

Warm & Upbeat

1,000+ followers

Vibe: Feel good upbeat music. This mix includes a quite a bit of uptempo indie music but also includes a broad mix of fast or peppy pieces from other genres

Chill Vibes

500+ followers

Vibe: Relaxation downtempo music. This mix mostly includes folky and indie pieces but also has several other generes that attempt to maintain a chill atmosphere

Focused Coding

400+ followers

Vibe: Music optimized for focused technical work. This mix includes a mix of uptempo and downtempo instrumental pieces but there is quite a variety of sounds

Oldies Worth Remembering

3,800+ followers

Vibe: Popular music from before 1993. Oldies is an umbrella term definitely subject to individual opinions/ages, this playlsit has a mix of pieces mostly before 1993

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