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Wharton Alumni.
Software Developer.
Technology Entrepreneur.

After graduating, I spent a half decade consulting and helping a logistics technology company grow 10x in revenue and headcount. I am a self taught web developer, I love solving business problems with open source technology. I currently build apps and offer professional services to creative companies. My goal is to empower creative companies and independent artists with great technology!

Spotify Playlist Curator.
Salsa & Bachata DJ.

I spend a lot of time curating music, always have, always will. In college, I started a playlist (Superior Study Playlist) which ended up getting over 200k followers and Warner Music offered to buy it. I am currently working with independent artists and labels to promote their music. In the past 2 years I've also started DJing (mostly Salsa and Bachata). I DJed 20 events in 2021 and will keep DJing to share great latin music with salsa dancers around the world.

Salsa Dancer.
Mural Arts Lover.

In my free time I love to salsa dance and travel around the world to dance. So far I've traveled to Warsaw, Milan, Punta Cana, and New York City to both explore generally but also to meet new people through dance. I also spend time working with visual/mural artists helping them develop their business and level up their offerings.