Salsa & Bachata Dancing

This page is for my Mambo and Bachata Dancing Videos

My Dancing Story

A quick tidbit about why I dance

For over 10 years I've been dancing in some way, shape, or form in my life. What I've enjoyed the most is social dancing (improv Salsa dancing with a partner to music) because the real time interpretation of music with a partner is technical, wildly creative, and very challenging. My dance journey has included performing, traveling (last year to Mamboland in Milan, Italy and El Sol Salsa Festival in Warsaw, Poland) but most of the time is how I spend my weekends. The people part of this community keep me coming back and the exercise certainly doesn't hurt. Hope you enjoy the samples below!

Social Dancing Videos

These are social dances which means they are entirely improv with a partner

Social Dance July 2019 with Dalsia Gonzales

Social Dance July 2019 with Alan Figueroa

Performance Videos

These are dances that were choreographed and performed in front of a large audience

Gifted Souls Performance February 2017

Legacy Dance Company Performance October 2017 (in Dominican Republic)